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This project originated from a personal need….our 2 daughters use to eat homemade soup and tomatoes on a daily basis since they are 1 year old…

This is as much a healthy habit as a ritual in our busy days. 


As we are used to consume a significant amount of some vegetables like carrots, zucchini, cherry tomatoes and tomatoes as a family, I was trying to find in Dubai where the best vegetables were available….

To my surprise, this was not an easy task; to find fresh, healthy vegetables and fruits with transparent and verifiable information where they came from, under which conditions have they been grown…

Are they organic? Really organic? Are they local? Have they been treated with chemical fertilizers or pesticides? What are the health regulations? How many kilometers have those vegetables and fruits been transported to be sold here in Dubai? Do we really need all this packaging around it? Questions over questions…

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When speaking with friends, I quickly realized that I was not alone with my hunt for high quality vegetables and fruits, not the only one, who wanted to offer their children the experience of gardening, showing them, where vegetables and fruits come from, how they grow.

Motivated by these external triggers and my own positive experiences, I decided to share what I learned and what has proven to work in the local conditions….

Let me support you in your own Dubai gardening experience!


Let’s enjoy it!

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So, just arrived in Dubai, with more time on my hand as a house wife than in my previous life as a working Mum in Europe….I decided to grow the vegetables we needed at home ourselves….but no idea where to start….no green thumb…

As not all products are so readily available here as we are used to in Europe and as the climatic conditions are significantly different in Dubai, I started to learn, to test and bit by bit, the concept took shape and the vegetables and fruits grew in our garden here in Dubai.