Eco Deco

By Rachel.

Start being Green in your Decoration!

Root Pouch Products are made out of recycled plastic water bottles. These water bottles were destined to end up in landfills. This not only prevents the water bottles from ending up in oceans and the environment but also eliminates the need to make additional pots or bags that are petroleum based using natural resources.

Root Pouch 1 black 3gallon w_o handles.j

Why using Root Pouch at Home?

UV Resistant

Pool Toys Storage

Terrace Plant Pot

Dining Table...

BPA Free

Bread Container

Fruits Container

Kids toys Pencils and Toys


Water resistant

Swimming Pool bag

Pool Toys Storage

Terrace Plant Pot

Dining Table...

Environmental Friendly

Made from 100% recycled materials, PET & Natural fiber blend 

Considering our Carbon Footprint by reducing transportation and 

Storage Space - 1 Truck transports 28 800 Pouches versus 4 800 plastic pots

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