The Concept

Gardening is definitively back to our mind...

How to start? Where? When?

Gardening allows us to always have fresh products as herbs, fruits and vegetables when we need it, in the quantity we need allowing us to get the best from each nutrients...


              With Gardening, we enjoy quality products in a responsible and eco-friendly way, avoiding multiple intermediaries, long and energy-consuming transportation, and chemical products..

            Having our own vegetable garden at home,  we will be able to share the experience of growing with our children. They will learn life skills,  responsibility and certainly enjoy eating their little creations!



"Green Corner by Rachel" delivers to your place in Dubai ( Garden, Balcony, Roof top, restaurant,...) all you need to start growing your own fruits, vegetables and Aromatic herbs!


One Order, One delivery, receive all you need to start growing vegetables !

Ready to use! Ready to start!

How does it work?


In practise, we deliver to your place:

- The right container in Pallets or Root Pouch (see more information below) based on the space available and your wishes to grow and taste.

- The right quality and quantity of Home made mixed soil.

- The right plants and seeds to grow in UAE's weather conditions.

- The adequate material to succeed such as the Bird protection, the appropriate fertiliser, the sticks to support your plants,....

- All this, supported by simple and clear instructions that you will receive electronically to succeed growing your own veggies and herbs !

   "Green Corner By Rachel" makes the gardening experience an easy one!


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Root Pouch 


Root Pouch is a family run business that turns discarded plastic bottles into a versatile, geotextitle material. The Root Pouch fabric planting container keeps plants healthy by letting excess water drain and allowing roots to breathe and grow.


Today, Root Pouch offers a range of sustainable gardening products made from a mix of recycled water bottles and natural recycled materials.

Green Corner By Rachel - Exclusive distributor of Root Pouch in the UAE:

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