The M Root Pouch is perfect for growing two or three Aromatic Herbs as Mint, Lemon Mint, Basil, Thym, Rosemarin, Coriander, Origano, Persley, Chive,....


One or Two Cherry Tomatoes,..

Tomatoes Plant and Basil, ....

M Pouches

SKU: 0008
  • Black Line: 260g/m2 Natural Fiber blend • Semi-degradable

    Durable for 4-5 seasons- washable and reusable!

    Grey Line: 250g/m2 Natural fiber blend • Semi • degradable 3-4 seasons Recommended uses: In-ground, pot-in-pot, above ground.
    UV Resistant • BPA Free • Non Toxic •  Made from 100% recycled materials, PET & Natural fiber blend.