The XS Root Pouch is perfect for growing one Aromatic Herb as:

Basil or, 1 Thym or, 1 Rosemarin or, Coriander or, Origano....

XS Pouches

SKU: 0014
  • Black Line: 260g/m2 Natural Fiber blend • Semi-degradable

    Durable for 4-5 seasons - washable and reusable!

    Grey Line: 250g/m2 Natural fiber blend • Semi • degradable 3-4 seasons Recommended uses: In-ground, pot-in-pot, above ground.
    UV Resistant • BPA Free • Non Toxic •  Made from 100% recycled materials, PET & Natural fiber blend.

    Design Line ( Red and Green): Entrapment pruning prevents roots from penetrating fabric and does not prune by air allowing for pot-in-pot use UV Resistant • BPA Free • Non ToxicMade from 100% recycled water bottles.

    Boxer Line (brown) : 250g/m2 Synthetic blend of PET • Non-degradable • Very durable • Lasts multiple seasons.